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My name is Thomas, a UX designer with experience within prototyping, user experience and interface design.
Case no.01
The next step in corporate education.
The intention of this case was to create an app that can make corporative education simple and available.

I worked with the interface design, experience design and the communication with stakeholders, users and the programmers to achieve the best visualisation and deliver the best experience.
Moblrn - App based learning - Research, UI, UX - 2018
Case no.02
Content managing system to create education for the accompanied app.
This CMS is the heart and soul when it comes to create and spread information but also an education tool for participants of the Moblrn app.

The intention here was to update the old UI and re-work the flowchart in order make it easier to use and to fit the users’ needs even better.
Moblrn - Web based CMS - Research, UI, UX - 2018
Case no.03
Re-design an outdated page.
This is the third of Moblrn products I designed during three months, as the two previous you can see above.

There were two purposes with this re-design; the first to modernise and the second to align with the previous re-designed graphical guidelines I’ve already created.
Moblrn - Public web page - Research, UI, UX - 2018
Case no.04
Create the next site for the world's largest computer festival.
This client had a need of converting 27 different event- and brand pages into one digital platform where they also could interact with their users not just during these LAN-events.

At the same time the client wanted to introduce their new user login “Dreamhack ID”, which needed to be incorporated with the new wireframes and design.
Dreamhack - Concept web page - Research, UI, UX - 2017
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